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Coupons + Bot = GetCouponeer

Coupons have become a kind of "guide" to the world of great opportunities and profits. They are presented in the format of a special code that can consist of numbers and letters. With its help, the client can get a significant discount on the product, so it’s not surprising that many people want to get acquainted with such an offer.

Many businesses underestimate coupons and lose an opportunity. In this presentation we are going to tell you how to use coupons to increase business performance, work off the negative, check the effectiveness of channels and optimize marketing budget.

GetCouponeer is an aggregate of experience and potential, which provides a lot of ways to develop custom solutions

An excellent choice for a successful investment and subsequent increase in funds! At the same time, your customers do not need to make unnecessary downloads, multi-stage application installations or fill out complex forms.

1. Users install a chatbot that we have optimized and made available 24/7. You can also install the bot using a QR cod

2. Launch the bot with the "START" button and insert the link of the store where they plan to purchase products.

3. Get all possible promotional codes with valid current discounts.

4. Select the desired promotional code and click "APPLY", after which they immediately see the amount of money saved.

5. Make a purchase of your product or service.


We have collected the most frequently asked questions received from advertisers. You can also ask your own and get advice from a personal manager by mail, indicated on the last slide.

What is the difference between a regular discount and a promotion with a promo-code?

A promotional code is a special promotion in which, in order to receive a discount, you must enter a sequence of characters on the store's website (in the "cart" when placing an order).

A discount is a special offer that doesn’t require a code. You just click on it and look at the corresponding page in the store.

In which countries does the GetCouponeer offer work?

Coupons with GetCouponeer you can use anywhere in the world.

We work with companies all over the world.

What is the benefit for businesses to offer coupons for their products?

Coupons are influential on general business performance and help to:

  • develop a new sales channel,
  • evaluate the purchasing power of the channel,
  • strengthen partnerships,
  • work off the negative and keep the client,
  • transfer traffic to the assortment necessary for sales,
  • activate a new customer, leading him to the first purchase,
  • increase the number of repeat purchases and the size of the average check.

What categories of products are more often bought with coupons in GetCouponeer?

The most popular categories for ordering online:

  • clothes and shoes;
  • cosmetics and hygiene products;
  • children's goods;
  • accessories;
  • household appliances.

At GetCouponeer, you can apply a promotional code to any product from your range.

Are my clients' payments through GetCouponeer safe?

Undoubtedly. The transfer of data on bank cards and other payments — protected by a 256-bit SSL certificate signed by DigiCert. The site fully complies with the security standards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems (PCI compliance). For more details, we can advise you on this issue by mail

With GetCouponeer you will get the following benefits compared to using other promotion channels:

The GetCouponeer team has its own promotion channels and network of partners

Users trust third-party resources with worldwide promotion

Our services have own internal efficient traffic

GetCouponeer channels have a high level of search engine trust

The administration of GetCouponeer collects tools very reliably, so users receive only high-quality products and relevant promos.

If your product is in demand and useful, you are ready to provide excellent conditions for foreign users, don't wait: exhibit and run on GetCouponeer!

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